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CIPPE Focus 2: JUNMA New High Pressure Steam Injection Units wins much attraction
in-en.com  2013-3-26 9:31:26  

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About Junma Group

Shan Dong JUNMA Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Group CO.,LTD was founded in 1996。 It has several subsidiaries in the areas of oil equipment, manufacturing, engineering, technologies, as well as trade. Its registration capital is RMB 50 million, with an annual revenue of more than RMB100 million.

New Products in Exhibition

The new truck-mounted JM-YZG high-pressure steam injection unit

Truck-mounted unit consists of main device station, auxiliary device station and safeguard device station, which can move flexibly and react immediately.
JM-YZG high-pressure steam injection unit is special equipment to produce viscous oil, injecting the produced high temperature and pressure wet steam into wells to heat the crude oil and lower its viscosity, so that it can increase the mobility of heavy oil and its recovery rate greatly. Therefore, the unit is widely used in the production of heavy and super-heavy oil with sophisticated technology, which has strong supports for producing high-yielding and high-quality oil.
JM-YZG high-pressure steam injection unit with three-pass modular integration, a new generation of acquisition equipment of heavy oil, increases efficiency of exploiting heavy oil.
The auxiliary device equips with a water treatment system which can provide qualified softening and deoxidizing water for the unit; the secure device equips with raw water and fuel storage and power control systems which can ensure the unit to run continuously and normally.
The operation is controlled precisely by full-automatic control system, moreover, the safety of unit is ensured by safety warning protection device and one-key-stop method.

JM-YZG high-pressure steam injection unit innovate traditional one-pass design to three-pass which increases 6.2% thermal efficiency, and obtains significant R&D achievements.
The first pass of the unit is laid in the middle of main body, and the furnace adopts membrane wall heating, so the coil bundle of water vapor heated evenly; the second pass is laid on the sides of the first one, using blank casing at front and finned tube at rear, staggered arrangement, stack gas brushes breadthwise, and the medium exchanges the heat in reverse flow so that it can increase endothermic performance of water vapor coil bundle and heat transfer efficiency; the third pass is laid above the first one adopting finned tube, staggered arrangement, stack gas brushes breadthwise, and the medium exchanges the heat in reverse flow so that it can maximally reduce the exhausted temperature.
The three-pass design improves the heated environment of water-vapor coil bundle and provides a more rational heat distribution. The reduction of stack gas space increases its flow rate which makes processing more smoothly and causes stronger heat exchange efficiency. At the same time, the second and the third pass are laid in the same annulus interval which controls the volume of product, and utilizes the first-pass faces unexposed to the fire effectively. This innovation improves the performance of the product.
It reduces the volume of products substantially and makes transportation convenient. Take truck-mounted unit for example, the rated steam output raises from 9.2t/h to 15.2t/h under the same conditions (16m length×3m width× height). In addition, the volumes of skid-mounted and shipborne unit with the same model can be reduced by 1/4.

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