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    For the latest and the fastest global energy information, for the forefront of energy science and technology achievements, and for the industry data analysis, statistics, and for the energy market activities, enter the electronic journals of international energy network!
    International energy web (en.in-en.com) is one of the largest web portal in the energy industry, with many access group and a high click rate. It is a window open for mutual introducing between Chinese companies and foreign partners. From the start-up of the web,. it is committed to "Conform International Energy Information, Service Global Energy Enterprises"; Providing with the all-round, multi-angle, in-depth reports, it is able to timely reflect the policies and guidelines of energy industry, spread the advanced management experience, reform and innovation, and revealed critical and important issues, events, and information of the energy industry.
    According to the requirements of our members and the industry development, in order to better serve the energy industry and the whole society, and give full play to the advantages of network information service, International Energy network in early 2006 create a series of electronic publications:"International Energy Weekly"Energy Data & Statistics and so on. They are based on authoritative statistics and market analysis, providing customers with news briefing, analysis of current events and policies, as well as market analysis and forecasts.

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    If you need to subscribe to the international energy network electronic journals, please fill out the electronic periodicals subscription registration form on international energy network, complete enterprise information and email to the international energy network information center, after applying for consent. The email address: in-en@vip.163.com. We will contact you within 3 days after receipt of the mail. If you have special requirements, please contact our information center by email or telephone.

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